Saturday, 4 January 2014

Little about me!!!!!

Flora discovered herself in the exciting and fast pace fashion industry soon after her arrival into SL.  She started as a print model for a pose vendor and has since modeled for Raven's Design, Wetcat , Paris Metro, Elizabeth Tailored and L'amour Management.  She has expanded her knowledge into producing the Flora Fashion Contest.  She dedicates many hours to the event.  She enjoys the creative side of SL and seeing different styles come to life from real life.  She enjoys meeting new people and promoting new or unknown designers to others in SL. She cant imagine her life on SL without modeling. She graduated from L'Amour Management. She has a web page for the contest and a Flickr page for her styling photos.Recently she won the 10th pazo challenge and also a models workshop.She was recently also chosen finesmith muse inspiration week 9
My Recent picture Done for Finesmith Muse Contest By Enzo Champagne

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